eSata: the new USB?

With Firewire long gone, and USB the reigning champion, one question still lingers – who is the successor? In a world which is never satisfied with the same speed for longer than six months, companies like IBM and Intel are constantly searching for a new standard that will take the place of the old one. Finally, it looks like USB may be knocked off its pedestal.

Enter e-Sata, short for external Serial ATA, essentially an external appropriation of the SATA standard that is now the widely used form of connector for internal hard drives. Convential SATA 1.0 connectors allow for an actual transfer rate of 150mb/s, and current testing suggests that eSata is approaching that speed, tested at 115mb/s for external hard disks, a stark comparison to the 50-60mb/s per second currently offered under the USB 2.0 standard.

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