SEMA 2007: 2009 Toyota Corolla debuts!

Finally got official shots from Toyota of the 2009 Corolla added to the gallery. While we’re waiting for live shots of the car to arrive, we’ll tell you a little bit about Toyota’s new small car. The 2009 Corolla will come in five trims: Standard, LE, XLE, the “sporty” S and even “sportier” XRS. The car is about the same size as the last model, but the A- and C-pillars have been pushed out to give the greenhouse a more rakish look. Meanwhile, S and XRS models get a body kit that includes a chin spoiler, fog lamps, rocker moldings, spoilers and even an underbody engine cover to improve airflow beneath the car. Engines include the base 1.8L four-cylinder with dual-VVT-i producing 132 HP and 162 ft-lbs. of twist. The XRS alone gets a 2.4L producing 154 HP and 162 ft-lbs. of torque. Cars like the Honda Civic Si sedan shouldn’t worry. S models also get 16-inch wheels that are unfortunately capped with wheel covers, while the XRS sports 17-inchers that are pure alloy.

more details…


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