Unwanted e-mail now comes in audio format

The latest in unwanted electronic communication is an MP3 file that began landing in in-boxes around the world last week. It features a spooky, synthesized Darth Vader-sounding female voice touting the over-the-counter stock of Exit Only Inc.

“Hello, this is an investor alert!” the halting, at times unintelligible, voice says. Her pitch invokes the growth prospects of Exit Only, a website operator that runs Text4Cars.com, which links auto buyers and sellers via text messages.

Computer security researchers say the audio blasts — MP3 files with misleading names attached to spam e-mails — reflect spammers’ need to slip their messages through increasingly sophisticated e-mail filters.

The MP3s masquerade as cellphone ring tones or carry names such as “bartsimpson.mp3” and “justintimberlake.mp3,” said Keith Crosley, director of market development for Proofpoint Inc., which sells e-mail security software and hardware.

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  1. […] You can read the full story here […]

  2. Wow, new marketing plans? cool idea to spam with sound files.

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