O2 removes 200MB Fair-Use policy for UK iPhone

There’s been a fair bit of debate (and disappointment) with the O2 200 megabyte ‘Fair-Use’ data transfer policy that was expected to appear with the U.K. iPhone contracts this Friday. Thankfully, it seems O2 has heard us: late last night, the Telegraph newspaper revealed that O2 has now scrapped the limit on just how much data we will be able to burn through. Although the Telegraph refers to a “200 megabit” limit, as far as we know the limit actually was measured in megabytes. O2’s terms and conditions page now says:

There is no limit on the monthly network usage. However if we feel that your activities are so excessive that other customers are detrimentally affected, we may give you a written warning (by email or otherwise). In extreme circumstances, if the levels of activity do not immediately decrease after the warning, we may terminate or suspend your Services.”

Surprised that O2 has come full circle? We are too, but we’re also very glad to see that they’re listening to their potential customers (even if using the phone as a modem is unsurprisingly against the terms of your contract). If you’re wondering about the story behind the Apple / O2 partnership, there’s also a fascinating insight to the deal found on the Telegraph website.

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