Miro 1.0 is Here

Miro 1.0I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of Miro 1.0.

With this launch, we are ready to build a movement for truly open video. We’re on a mission, we have a world-class product, we have an amazing community, and more and more open channels are being published every day. It’s the right time.

Download Miro 1.0


Comprehensive Feature Guide
With version 1.0, we’ve also published a fairly comprehensive overview of Miro features. Even our power users might notice a couple things they haven’t tried yet. Miro 1.0 Features.

Press Release
It seemed like a press release would be helpful for our reporter friends, so we’ve published one here: Groundbreaking Open-Source Internet TV Software Launches.



Co-Branding Miro
We’re preparing to launch the first round of co-branded Miros for specific websites and video publishers. We’re working with some incredible partners. If you’re interested, please see our Co-Branding Overview and get in touch with Jesse.

Why is Miro Better than Joost?
Recently, we published a chart comparing ourselves to Joost. We believe Miro is both a better product and better for the world. Miro vs. Joost.

more details…


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