Nokia N810: unboxing and first impressions

My shiny new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet was delivered yesterday. After fondling it for most of the day, I’m relatively impressed. The N810 is a bit smaller than the N800, which makes it more comfortable to use and easier to tote around in a pocket.

I took plenty of pictures, and below the gadget porn you’ll find my report on the device thus far. It’s impressive, but N800 owners should be aware of a few caveats. To the pictures…

The N810 box.

Inside the N810 box.

Deeper inside the N810 box.

All the goodies that come with the N810, including a car mount.

The N810, with the sliding keyboard out.

The N810, propped up on its stand.

The N810, turned on and displaying the home screen.

This one is for size comparison, showing N810 next to the N800 on top of an Asus Eee PC.

The built-in GPS hardware is a nice addition, but the free mapping software is disappointingly limited, and users who want voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation will have to pay more for the full version of WayFinder’s software, which is expected to be available by December.

The N810’s built-in keyboard also falls short of my expectations. The keys are very mushy, and it’s easy to hit multiple keys at once by accident. I was extremely frustrated with it at first, but after a day of typing I’ve gotten used to it and my accuracy has improved considerably. My current verdict on the keyboard is that it could be better, but it isn’t bad once you’re familiar with it.

I also tested my Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard with the N810, and it worked just fine. For writing articles and other serious work, I greatly prefer my external Bluetooth keyboard rather than the N810’s built-in thumb keyboard.

The N810 ships with Nokia’s OS2008 (which can also be installed on N800 devices), and it’s pretty darn good. The interface has been refined considerably and it improves performance and battery life. It comes bundled with most of the same applications as OS2007, but with a few additions. The terminal application, which provides access to a command-line with BusyBox, is now installed by default. An installer for Skype is also included in the menu by default, but attempting to activate it causes a dialog window to appear informing users that the Skype installer isn’t available for the N810 yet. Nokia’s support web site says that Skype will be available very soon. I hope that it supports video chat like the Skype 2.0 beta for Linux.

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